The Mobile Music Alphabet: V is for …

V is for Vocaform

VocaForm is an unusual app which I only got a little while ago, but then unusual is great and one of the great things about the iPhone platform.

V is for Vocoder SV5

SV-5 doesn’t always get a good press. Some love it, some don’t, but whatever you think, a Vocoder for your iPhone is pretty amazing. A good example of it being used well is this track from Jason Sposa
Vocoder Synthesizer SV-5

V is for Vox 3000

What can I say about Vox3000? I’ve used it in a couple of tracks as it has audiocopy, but more than that you can use it to say rude things to people! Ok, childish I know, but a lot of fun for £0.59!

V is for VoiceBand

Voice Band has had a lot of good things said about it and is really a very innovative idea. I don’t know what happened to the alleged ‘pro’ version though.
Voice Band

V is for Virtual Piano

Virtual Piano is a Palm OS app. I have to admit that I never tried it out as by the time this came out I was already running Bhajis and NotePad, but it seems to still get updates which is good to hear about a Palm app these days.

So there’s V for you! Only another 4 letters to go now!

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