I don’t even have 1!


  1. monotron's so awesome. it wakened my gearlust.. Sorry to hear you don't get one. they're stacked in local music stores here in japan. you'd be surprised when you get one – even the box is merely larger than a cassette.

  2. Dont worry man

    1. its a korg video so they have box's of that stuff.

    2. you only need one monotron and a loop pedal.

    I run my iphone 3gs through a BossRC-50 loop station and an ME-70 Multi-effects pedal, I use ableton live to mess with the loops too but thats a differnet story.

    I'll send you a photo or even better a video soon

  3. Haj, thanks, I'm looking forward to getting one soon as they're due in the UK in a couple of weeks.

    Arm the walls, please do send a video

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