Coming soon … Mellotronics M3000 HD

If the Mellotron is your thing you need to check this out.


  1. I should mention that you can already buy Manetron (which is more basic), but is more like the original mellotron in its character 🙂

  2. Yes, Manetron is available but having purchased it, I cannot recommend it to others, and would advise my friends to NOT buy it.

    It is by and large unusable, as the sounds have clicking anomalies throughout, not in the samples, but something in the coding of the app.

    The developer has brushed it off as a CPU limitation on the iPod Touch and 3G, but my 3GS and now my blazingly fast iPad exhibit the same annoying problem, and there isn't an update in sight and probably never will be at this point.

    Read the reviews, it's a common issue on this App…

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