The Mobile Music Alphabet: T is for …

T is for Technobox

Technoxbox is a very good example of the 2 synth and drum machine type app. Not bad at all.

Correction: It doesn’t have 2 synths it only has 1. Sorry!
technoBox (303 808 909 studio)

T is for ThumbJam

ThumbJam is an awesome instrument. Versatile, controllable, and very expressive. I love it.

T is for Thump!

Thump is another 2 synth + drums app. However, it has a lot more to offer. Pitch control on drums is a great feature and there’s lots more. I’m still hoping for some paste features to come to Thump, but even without them it is excellent.

T is for TOPLAPapp

TOPLAPapp is a great app for making noises. What more is there to say. Except that it is free!

T is for Toro Mini

Toro Mini is such a great little synth. Superb sounds and a nice degree of tweakiness (is that a word)?
TORO mini: Digital Synthesizer

T is for Touch DJ 2

Touch DJ 2.1 is a great DJ app. I think that the Touch DJ 2 was a big step from the first version. I am no DJ it has to se said, but I do enjoy playing with Touch DJ.
Touch DJ ?

T is for Trope

Trope is one of the three generative apps from Brian Eno. I like all of them, but Trope and Bloom the most.

T is for Tweakybeat

TweakyBeat is just a cool little drum machine. Loads of fun to play with and very tweakable. Oh yes, and free!

T is for Theresa

Theresa is a Windows Mobile controller app. Sadly it hasn’t been updated in a long while, but always looked nice and performed well on my Axim. More details here.

T is for TrakAx Mobile

TrakAx Mobile is still a revolutionary piece of software for Windows Mobile. The amount you can do with it to make mobile films is amazing to say the least. I’m still hopeful that they’ll bring something like this to the iPhone one day, but for now, check out the WIndows Mobile version here.

T is for Theremini

Theremini was the forerunner to miniMusic’s AxisPad application, and according to Pete Moss has more features than a Kaos Pad!

and finally, T is for TuneStudio

Very innovative when it was first announced, but now sadly not a real viable bit of hardware. Belkin’s TuneStudio device made a lot of sense in the pre-iPhone / Touch / iPad days, but not really any more.

Belkin TuneStudio F8Z109ea – 4 Channel iPod Mixing and Recording Studio

So, T was a really big post too, and lots of variety in there. I hope you found something useful or maybe something worth following up on.


  1. Velocipede, I agree, I just wish that belkin had moved on and made hardware for the iPhone / Touch.

    Rob, thanks, really appreciate the thought.

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