Mikey 2 available soon?

According the the gadgetrock blog the new version of Mikey should be available very soon it seems!


  1. Line input….nice!

    Something I've never gotten a clear answer on…can you plug headphones in to a Mikey and monitor for overdubs? The spec list says they have a headphone jack, but I've never seen it….and the salesman at my local music shop was less than helpful.

  2. apparently the line in doubles as a headphone out too.. that's what the mikey service staff said on the email. in fact, here's what they said:

    “Mikey 1.5 will be available in Late Spring

    New Features:
    -Mikey 1.5 is not yet Apple Certified, but should be compatible with iPhones
    – 3.5mm line input, and a headphone extension cable for live monitoring with iPod touch and Nano, This jack serves as both line in, and headphone out.
    – USB port for charging and synching to iTunes
    – can be rotated between 7 fixed positions with a 230-degree range
    -includes new carrying pouch”

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