The Mobile Music Alphabet: R is for …

R is for Randgrid

RandGrid hasn’t seen an update in a long time now, but always had some fun with it. I have to admit that it isn’t on my iPhone anymore, but when it did come out it was quite an innovation I think.
Randgrid synthesizer and drum machine

R is for RecTools08

RecTools08 is one of the apps I really thought that would get an iPad version when the iPad was first announced, but it hasn’t been updated in ages and it never got the synths and drum machine that were promised way back when it first came out. A real shame, but I guess there might still be some hope for it.
Rectools08pro Multi Track Recorder

R is for RJDJ

Ok, enough about apps that haven’t been updated in a long time or met their potential etc. Here’s one that really has. In fact, calling RJDJ an app or a series of apps really isn’t right any more is it?

RJDJ means a lot more than that. For example:

  • RJC1000
  • Sprints and workshops
  • RJ Network
  • Pd Libraries
  • iPhone apps
  • RJDJ Community

It has been great to see RJDJ grow so rapidly and with so much enthusiasm for what they’re doing and the ideas behind RJDJ. I hope that they keep going and growing and innovating.
Reality Jockey Ltd.

So, there’s R for you. Nearly back on track now!

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