Jasuto is in the Android marketplace!!

Amazing! Jasuto now on Android from this forum post.

Just about everything is ported over and functional…

Features that didn’t make it in this release:

-community browser: This is mainly do to me using ObjC code to handle it on the iPhone, Android isn’t happy with that.

-multitouch: I need to get a better idea of how the multi-touch API should used, because I’m getting different results on different phones.

-mic input: This is slightly more tricky to get right on Android, soon…

I need to experiment with prices in the Android market as it seems entirely different than Apple’s, so the price may vary a little. I do have to say that being able to upload your app instantly is pretty incredible coming from Apple’s little setup

You will need a Nexus One or Droid to run it effectively. Jasuto on my N1 is about twice as fast as a 3GS, and about the same as my iPad! I have it running on a Moto Cliq too, but it’s pretty unusable. Time for beer!



  1. Bought it right away though i already have it on my iPhone too… but what should you do if there's nothing else on the android platform…

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