Is there a gap for a drum synth?

As I mentioned earlier I was playing around with the new DrumTrack8 and it occurred to me that the one thing that I don’t have on my iPhone (as yet), is a real drum synth. Something that is both a drum sequencer and a drum synth. If I’ve missed this app then please let me know, but as far as I can see there’s nothing really like that around.

There are lots of drum machines, some very good like DrumTrack8 and JR Hexatone Pro, and some not so good, but I don’t think there is a drum machine that gives you complete control of the synthesis of your sounds and then lets you export a pattern.

In fact, now I think about it, the only thing that comes close is Tweakybeat, which is great, but has no export.

Occasionally I go back to Griff and mess about with that, and it has a set of synth drum plug-ins which is great to play around with.

I think this is a real gap in the market and could be a brilliant app with the right set of features.


  1. What about bleep!box???

    While it won't let you export your pattern, per se, it is indeed a full featured drum synthesizer and sequencer with tremendous sound quality. No samples, just classic analog style percussion sounds with different instrument types including metallic perfusion and bass/lead set-ups.

    David's app bleep!synth is also lots of fun, and the synthesis on that one is top notch, as well, in addition to having a wicked arpeggiator and a unique scalable playing interface.

  2. bleep!Box is pretty close to what you're talking about. The only thing it doesn't do is export the pattern to MIDI.

  3. I think you're describing Bleep!Box. All its drum sounds are completely synth based and editable, plus it has a built in pattern and song sequencer.

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