Drum Track8 thoughts.

I’ve been playing with the latest version of DrumTrack8 and decided that I had to post something about it. I already liked this app and it keeps getting better. The latest update brings some improvements and new features to an already well rounded application. I especially love the new kit selection feature which brings some interesting new kits to the app.

Whilst I know that a few people have commented on the interface not being intuitive I think that once you’ve got used to it and know where things are and how it fits together it does make sense, it just might take you a few minutes to get there.

DrumTrack8 is a really worthwhile drum machine for your iPhone. I’ve found it especially useful in bringing patterns in to Beatmaker to use with other loops etc.

If you haven’t tried it, then check it out.

DrumTrack8 at the app store:


  1. this app is awfully neat, would be great if it had drum pads and real time recording, as well as more patterns and sample import/audio paste

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