The Mobile Music Alphabet: P is for …

P is for Pattern Music

Pattern Music is a great app for composing without a score. I like the pattern music doesn’t restrict you in terms of how pattern length can be used to create evolving compositions, and I really think I’m going to have to get back to using it a lot more soon.

P is for PianoFly

Pianofly Pro Synth is the first app from miniMusic, developer of great music apps for the original Palm OS. PianoFly is a great FM synth app giving a wide variety of sounds and a highly useable keyboard.
Pianofly Pro Synth

P is for PianoStudio

PianoStudio is a really interesting app for playing and making piano based compositions. The approach to creating and using sequences is unique in my experience and moves away from more standard piano roll or record / playback approaches.

P is for ProChords

I have to admit that I’ve not spent enough time with ProChords to get my head into it properly. It has the promise of an app that could be really useful, and I will get around to finding that out for myself soon.

P is for Phoenix Studio

I bought this and ran it on my first pocket PC , a Jornada 568. A nice little 2 synth / drum type application with some effects too, and I think iti is still available.

P is for Palm Buzzer

PalmBuzzer is a very simple loop playing app for the old Palm OS. It simply allows you to trigger around 9 samples from a screen and that’s all. Although very simple it is very handy.

P is for PixiLang

PixiLang is a pixel language which lets you make interesting demos and visual applets that can run on Palm / Pocket PC and desktop. It is from the maker of the great Sunvox app, and is available for free. There are some great applets available for it like a drum app and a whole tracker too. For more info check out Warmplace.

P is for Protein DS

Protein[DS] is a sample manipulator for the DS platform. Sadly it doesn’t seem to be in development any more.

P is for Palm

For me Palm is where my interest in mobile music started. It is a shame that the old hardware and OS were discarded by Palm, they could have done so much more with it.

P is for PMA-5

Still a popular device for making music on the go and they seem to retain their value too.

PMA-5’s at eBay

Today’s post was brought to you by the letter P.


  1. wow phoenix studio, I remember having that on my ipaq. I seem to recall having more fun with this than griff, as griff seemed very slow!

  2. Griff could get painful if you had too many plug ins or instruments running for your device to handle and I found that the level of parameter automation was almost too much to deal with on a mobile device

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