Last Day of the Tweet My Mix Competition

Only today left to go to enter the ‘Tweet My Mix’ competition, so get some mixes in as there’s great prizes to be won!

The best 4 mixes (as judged by me) will win a copy of Mixtikl desktop for just $1! (regular price $29), and the overall winner will also receive a copy of Noatikl for $1 (regular price $109!).

To enter the competition you’ll need to be able to publish a mix, and to do that you’ll need a working version of Mixtikl of course. You can download the desktop version which will run for 30 days, or you could get yourself a copy of Mixtikl iPhone which is discounted today to just £1.19 / $1.99.

The competition finishes today Sunday 16th May so you’ve still got a little time to enter.

If you need to know how to tweet your mix from Mixtikl, then just Select Mixtikl Menu > Export Mix > Export Mix Tikl for Tweet/SMS and then paste this into your tweet. Done! There’s also a FAQ at the Intermorphic site here.

Happy Mixing, Happy Tweeting!

Mixtikl 2 at the app store still at a discounted price!
Mixtikl 2

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