moxMatrix for iPad

Anyone tried this iPad app? Looks interesting as a sampling groovebox type app.

moxMatrix at the app store:
mode of expression, LLC


  1. I haven't bought it because of all the 5 star ratings and comments by first time reviewers. Looks like the developer got a whole bunch of friends to boost his ratings …. I just can't support that so I'll have to wait for some honest reviews.

  2. I have tried it, and really like it so far…caveats – I have not tried importing my own samples yet, and am still learning the App. Really fun so far, lots of good sounds, fun and deep. The timing or shuffle feels a bit weird, or maybe I am off, but so far my favorite and the best I have seen of these Matrix-style Sequencers…could also stand some effects – why not put them into the sequencer as instruments for manipulating the whole, or assignable to each instrument.

    Also, c'mon people – audio copy/paste should be a basic in every music App…why is this not a standard feature? I am starting to think that this should be a basic requirement to even get into the App store.

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