How to wifi sync with no network

Retronyms posts on how to wifi sync when you’ve got no network. I didn’t know you could do that!


  1. This was either alluded to or spelt out on the intua forums when beatmaker dropped…

  2. Sure, I knew of the Ad-hoc trick. But this doesn't get around the sharing files @ work. No Wi-fi network, and an IT department that throws a hissy fit whenever you install something without their permission… Now if only the PSP had ad-hoc for sharing wav files between it and the ipod.

  3. Weird, I have known and used this at least for 2-3 years. Since iTouchMIDI came about.
    Sometimes it is good to have just a WIFI router(like Airport Express or any that works well with mac) at hand and put all your WiFi devices(iPods and MBPs) through it. And no need for internet provider.

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