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Nanoloop promo code give away

Yes, another give away today. This time as today is N day in our mobile music alphabet I have 10 promo codes for the excellent Nanoloop for iPhone. To enter the competition just email the usual address and answer this question.

“What platform did Nanoloop start off on”?

Please send your answer to palmsounds.comp@me.com. The competition closes at 11pm GMT tomorrow 15th May.

Please remember that promo codes can only be used in the US version of the iTunes store.

Made with Nanoloop

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Monle Promo Code Give Away now CLOSED

The Monle promo code give away is now closed. Codes will go out via email tomorrow.

Check out Monle at the app store:

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The Mobile Music Alphabet: N is for …

N is for Nanoloop

Nanoloop was a real surprise when it appeared on the app store a few months back. I’d never used the original, but I love the minimalism of this iPhone app and how complete it is for making music. I find myself increasingly spending time with it to make whole songs.

N is for NLog

NLog is an awesome synth with so much potential. It is amazing to think that there’s so much in this app and it just gets better all the time. I can’t wait to see what comes in the NLog Pro app, I’m looking forward to seeing that on my iPad when it arrives. Don’t forget to get the birthday patches for NLog full version!
NLog Synthesizer

N is for Noise Machine

Noise Machine is an app I’ve really enjoyed mucking around with to just make strange noises and interesting sounds, mainly because that’s one of my hobbies!
A Noise Machine

N is for NotePad

NotePad is has got to be the great ancestor of virtually all mobile music applications. It is still a superb notation application and I still use it. Admittedly not as much as I used to, but I still go back to it. If you have a Palm OS device then you should check out this application from miniMusic.

N is for NitroTracker

Good to be able to put some DS homebrew in the alphabet, and even better now that Nitrotracker is open source too. I wonder where it will go next?

N is for Nintendo DS

Whilst it is a shame that the DS10 blog is going, or possibly gone, the DS as a platform still has a lot of life in it.

Nintendo DSi Handheld Console

So that’s the alphabet for today. This post was brought to you by the letter N.

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iElectribe update

iElectribe gets an update with export to WAV file now included.

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iSequence for iPad Promo Codes gone out now

Just a quick email to say that the promo codes for this competition have now gone out. Sorry if you didn’t get an email / code, the contest was oversubscribed as usual.

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Birthday Synth Patches for NLog Synth!

A big thank you to Rolf from NLog Synth for these patches for NLog (full version and not the free one). To get them into your copy of NLog you need to view this post in mobile safari then click on the links and NLog will open and you can save the patches in your user bank.

Remember, don’t try this from your desktop! This is for MOBILE SAFARI ONLY!

Here are the patches:







NLog at the app store:
NLog Synthesizer

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LearnMusic from Berklee

LearnMusic from Berklee is now free!

Berklee LearnMusic app at the app store:

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Bacterial Orchestra update

An unusual app which now works with iPhone OS3 now. Here’s the full description of the app.

First came Bacterial Orchestra. Now the idea is even escaping the hardware.

Enter the new generation: Public Epidemic No 1.

Bacterial Orchestra (2006) is a self-organizing evolutionary musical organism. The installation consists of several audio cells. Every cell listens to its surroundings and picks up sounds, trying to play together in a musical way. The musical material comes from the background noise, people talking or sounds played by other cells.

Every cell has a unique DNA. Only the ones that are musical fit enough survives. If the surroundings doesn’t meet up to its conditions – too noisy, too quiet or no distinct pulse – the cell dies and is reborn with a new, hopefully better, set of DNA.

The result is a musical organism adapting to and changing its environment, growing and evolving with other cells and spectators.

Every cell is simple, but together they create a complex whole. Every cell makes a sound, but together they create music.

Now the organism has mutated and is escaping the microphones and loudspeakers of the original installation. Since all the cells only communicate through audio the idea can be scaled to any size and any type of hardware.

Public Epidemic No 1 (2009) is a generation of the installation where each cell lives on an Apple iPhone.

That way hundreds of people can gather with their cell phones and together create a musical organism. It will evolve organically in the same way as Bacterial Orchestra, but it will also be much more infectious.

The installation and the ideas behind it can be traced from different areas such as chaos theory, self-organizing systems and neural networks. The communication between the cells can be compared with the communication between neurons in the brain, ants in an anthill, Miles Davis and John Coltrane (but it won’t sound like jazz!) – and other organizing systems.

The goal? A world wide sound pandemic, of course.


Bacterial Orchestra at the app store:
Bacterial Orchestra - Public Epidemic No 1

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Jasuto Pro running on a Nexus 1!

Is Jasuto coming to Android then? More at the forum. Via Matrixsynth.

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Aurora Sound Studio for iPhone Facebook page

Check it out here. Launch of this app is on the 21st so not too long to wait now!