The Mobile Music Alphabet: M is for …

Well we’re half way through the mobile music alphabet today and what a great letter today. Of course M is for mobile and M is for music, and M is for lots more too …

M is for MegaSynth

Megasynth is a lovely little synth. I say little, that doesn’t do it justice at all. It is great and I love using it, although I always end up making up imaginary Dr Who soundtracks. Nothing wrong with that though!

M is for MinSynth and MiniSynth Pro

miniSynth was one of the first iPhone / Touch apps I bought. I used it on my old 1st gen iPod Touch and it has stayed on my idevices ever since. Yonac have gone on to make their new version, miniSynth Pro for the iPad, and I wonder if they’ll do the same for megaSynth?

M is for Mixtikl 2

Lots going on with Mixtikl right now, with Android coming and Symbian too. There’s the ‘Tweet My Mix’ competition and the iPhone app is discounted this week.
Mixtikl 2

M is for Monle

Monle is an amazing non linear editor for the iPhone. A great app that integrates well with lots of other apps I’ve found myself using it to bring together audio from different sources and take it out again to Beatmaker and FourTrack, making Monle a hub for lots of projects. Don’t forget that Monle is discounted today with 50% off!

M is for MultiTrack

When I first found MultiTrack I was totally amazed that someone had managed to fit a 16 track recorder into an iPhone. It is an amazing app.
MultiTrack - 16 Track Recorder

M is for MeTeoR

MeTeoR from 4Pockets was the very first multitrack recorder for a handheld. 12 tracks plus effects and more. An awesome application and still very useful today.

M is for MilkyTracker

I still have this application on my Axim and I still like it. I’ve never gotten around to trying it with a keyboard though and I’m sure I mention that everytime I talk about Milkytracker in a post.

M is for Microbe

The first app from Olivier and forerunner to the awesome Bhajis Loops. Microbe is still loads of fun to use offering 2 synths and a drum machine plus an export feature that lets you export your Microbe track to Bhajis Loops. I still think that it is worth getting a Palm PDA for Bhajis and a bunch of other Palm apps that are really inexpensive.

M is for MixPad

Speaking of good reasons to get a Palm, MixPad was the last Palm OS app to be released by miniMusic. It is a MIDI file player that uses miniMusic’s krikit sound engine on the Palm for sounds. I really like the way MixPad sounds and I still wish that there were new Palm audio apps coming out, but I very much doubt I’ll get my wish.

M is for MonomeDS

Very little information on this and the last time I used it was ages ago although I think it is still in with the rest of my homebrew apps.

M is for MIDI Mobilizer

You have probably seen my unboxing photos from earlier today. I’m planning on giving the mobilizer a good work out tomorrow, so I’ll let you know then what I think of it.
MIDI Memo Recorder

Line 6 Midi Mobilizer Interface

M is for Micro BR

I still use mine for a variety of purposes, especially for rehearsing stuff and I still like it although I always forget how to export stuff and have to look it up again.
Boss Micro BR Multi Track Recorder

M is for Monotron

I can’t wait for these to come out in the UK. I hope it won’t be too long.

M is for MU15

I think that the MU15 midi tone module is a good final entry in the M list for today.

MU15’s at eBay

I knew that today was going to be a mammoth post, but there all so good. I hope you’ve enjoyed the series so far, here’s to the next half.

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  1. Mmmmm :o)

    I still maintain that nothing else mobile comes close to MeTeoR as a multi-tracker with FX. Really needs porting to iDevices.

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