ProRemote Light Update

ProRemote Light has a big update. Here’s what’s new:

One binary runs on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. You will definitely want to use ProRemote LE on an iPad, it’s like getting a Mackie Control Universal Pro on steroids.

Added support for upgrading ProRemote LE to the full version. Also added were individual upgrades. Please see the ‘Purchase Upgrades’ item in the Preferences.

  • Big transport, Navigate, XY, and Pads are now available as upgrades and as overlays so you can control your faders while working with these views.
  • Upgrade available to get the new Master overlay which gives access to advanced features such as plugins, fader flip, EQ, and instrument control. (Double tap any channel to bring up the overlay after upgrading.)
  • Master channel support for Mackie Control with master fader (must upgrade to get this feature).
  • Support for controlling your plugin effects (available with upgrade, only tested with ProTools and Logic).
  • New insert channel button used for selecting which inserts to control with ProTools plugins (upgrade required).

Highlights for the iPad version:

  • Full size touch sensitive “glass” faders. 100mm in portrait and 60mm in landscape mode. (iPhone version has 40mm faders for comparison.)
  • Full size channel controls for mute, solo, record, and select. Now you won’t miss the darn buttons!
  • Bank switch controls (allow shifting tracks by 8 in addition to the existing track switch controls).
  • Improved touch sensitive knob controls. More precise and easier to use. It’s like having the Giant knob everywhere!
  • Added a Select channel button.
  • Added a db scale for the faders. Lets you see each application’s specific fader taper at a glance. Changes to +12db scale for ProTools.

New features for both iPhone and iPad:

  • Manually selectable skin. If you don’t like the skin for your DAW, pick another one!
  • Lock to portrait mode in case you have an iPod glued to your guitar and don’t want the orientation to change while playing.
  • Button overlay provides larger channel controls. Also gives you a Select channel button.
  • New improved multi-touch fader logic. New faders track all ten fingers more accurately.
  • Application now restores itself exactly to how you last left it.
  • Mackie time code support means that you get all the time code digits if using Logic or Live.

ProRemote Light Edition at the app store:
ProRemote Light Edition

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