DS10 Blog Closes tomorrow!

Sad to see the DS10 blog closing down from tomorrow! I don’t know what the rest of the post says. What a sad day. I remember when the DS10 was first announced it was ground breaking for the DS and amazing news for mobile music.

Goodbye DS10 Blog and thanks for all great DS10 news!

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  1. I find it unfortunate that Nintendo didn't do some kind of app store for the DS. I really enjoy the music homebrew on the DS, but requiring a flash cart to run homebrew is overkill for many users and developers have a much bigger user base with the iphone/touch which doesn't require to buy a piece of hardware not always easy to find (and sometimes considered illegal) to run this type of code.

    All my thanks to the ones who did create great music apps for the DS. I'm considering the DS XL because of them šŸ™‚

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