Yonac iPad Synth Cake!

We haven’t had synth cake for ages, but this is real special, I mean, really special. I’ve never heard of an iPad synth cake before! Excellent stuff from the great Yonac, makers of miniSynth Pro and miniSynth too.

According to their blog post they’re also working on another app for the iPad. Great news, can’t wait to get my iPad and try out miniSynth Pro!

Check out all their apps at the app store and celebrate this awesome iPad synth cake!

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  1. A new app is cool, but I have to be honest– I cannot understand why their existing iPad app gets such high reviews aside from the fact that it looks pretty.

    Sonically, I have tried and tried to like it but it is really kinda worthless, and has very little musicality to it. It's almost as if the developer is not a musician or has no “ear” so to speak. This criticism is coming from a guy who has owned and played about 80 different analog and digital synths over the years, both vintage and modern.

    I have purchased most of the new iPad synth/music apps and the Yonac one was one of my first along with the Korg, and it is the worst of the bunch and is least used. It actually crashes much more than the others, too, making it an even less satisfying experience!

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