The Mobile Music Alphabet: L is for …

L is for Looptastic

When the first Looptastic apps came out they were, by the standards back then, pretty amazing, and today, I have to say that Looptastic Producer is still one of the apps that I enjoy using the most. I’m no DJ, though enjoy messing around with loops, and when SoundTrends added the ability to bring loops via Sonoma’s AudioPaste it made Producer really useful and loads of fun.

I’m really glad to see that they’ve kept updating the app and adding new features, and with the HD version for the iPad Looptastic keeps getting better and better. I’m really looking forward to trying it out when I finally get my iPad at the end of the month.

Looptastic editions at the app store:
Sound Trends LLC

That’s it for L, I couldn’t think of anything else, but tomorrow is a really big day. Stay tuned for the mobile music alphabet and M around this time tomorrow!

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