Sonorasaurus Rex for iPad turns 2.0

Lots of new things in what is now Sonorasaurus Rex 2.0:

  • A redesigned music library interface that brings in expanded sorting options like displaying by Artist, Song Title or BPM. Playlist creation and management has also been added. Now you can organize your music further and prep sets in advance.
  • A batch waveform processing utility has been added to the music library. This way you can create all your waveforms at the same time after syncing new tracks to the library.
  • A Latency Priority Mode option has been added. Engaging this will allow you to load tracks completely, eliminating the buffer and decreasing latency, instead of streaming them. While this feature does increase load times, it will give certain deejays better response times when engaging in more active mixing or cueing.
  • The visual waveform are now touch sensitive. This will allow for more accurate scrubbing and finding and setting cue points will be significantly more accurate.
  • In addition to the main cue point 3 additional hot cues have been added, giving a total option of 4 points that a user can set in a track. The main cue will still function as normal, allowing you to snap back to a specific position and pausing the track. The 3 hot cues will allow you to jump around and instantly play the song from the desired point.
  • A tutorial has been included to familiarize users with the basics of Sonorasaurus Rex’s interface.
  • Further performance tweaks and optimizations have been done across the board.
Sounds great, and it is already on the way as it was submitted yesterday.

Sonorasaurus at the app store:

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