Blue Mikey

I finally got around to getting myself one of these. So far I’m quite pleased with the results although it is somewhat annoying that every time I plug it in my iPhone tells me that it isn’t supported!


  1. Couldn't wait for the new version with line in etc? Be keen to know what the quality is like compared to the stock mic in?

  2. didn't wait for the new one coming out?

    i took my mikey back because it would distort at high levels. a whole day of festival recordings were ruined by it. i do miss the mic though, it was convenient

  3. Does it shut down the speaker when you plug it in?

    I had bought a Thumbtack mic to play with the breath control Wivi band, only to find out when a mic is inserted the speaker is shut down entirely…

    I learned that day multitasking goes much further than I thought, Apple seems to think their users are too stupid to let them use a microphone and the speaker at the same time.

    .. I learned my lesson, I will not even try to get any more addons for my ipod touch.

  4. How do you monitor, does it have a headphone jack? Doesn't look like it leaves room for to use the Touch's headphone jack.

  5. “somewhat annoying that every time I plug it in my iPhone tells me that it isn't supported!”

    This might be somewhat annoying now, but be prepared for the possibility that the next iPhone OS update will make the mic stop functioning, as happened with my Macally mic with my 1st gen iPod Touch.

    Confirm with Blue that it is supposed to be supported by your phone model and that the message is just an error, or return the mic while you can.

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