The Mobile Music Alphabet: K is for …

K is for Kepler’s Orrery

It is only fair to say that this is a really unusual app and not just because it begins with K. If you’ve never tried it out, then take a look at the free versions too.
Kepler's Orrery

K is for KeffMeff

A new app for Android from Johan Larsby.

KeffMeff is a touchpad synthesizer. There are five different sounds, choosable by pressing menu. The sounds are crazy noisy noises. Control them by moving your finger around.

K is for Kaossilator

You could hardly have K without the Kaossilator could you. I’ve avoided the Kaossilator Pro as that’s probably not nearly so handheld as the original.

They’re still great devices and very versatile in my opinion.

Kaossilators at eBay

Today’s post was brought to you by the letter K.

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