Sounds Squares for iPhone

I must have missed this app somehow. It looks really interesting and unusual.

Here’s the description of the app:

Sound Squares is a revolutionary polyphonic synthesizer that puts a grid of musical squares right at your fingertips. Every square is fully customizable which enables you to create the pattern that suits your performance!

Each Square Is Individually Customizable

  • 4 analog waveforms
  • Full range of notes available
  • Micro-tuning
  • Adjustable attack and release
  • Full 44.1khz CD quality audio

Includes Four Effects

  • Low-Pass Filter
  • Distortion
  • Delay
  • Chorus
  • Patterns can be saved and recalled later
  • Includes 191 factory patterns
  • Patterns can be randomized within your specified parameters
  • Dragging can modulate pitch, amplitude, chorus rate, or filter cutoff
  • Modulation bar can control amplitude, chorus rate, or filter cutoff.

What’s new

  • Added a modulation bar to the right side of the screen.
  • Modulation bar can control amplitude, filter cutoff, and chorus rate.
  • Amplitude can now be modulated by dragging.
  • Added a button to accesss the menu. No more shaking to get to the menu!
  • Added a panel in edit mode to easily transpose and change the waveform of the entire grid.
  • Added a sixth row to the iPad version.
  • Improved pitch bend quality.
  • Improved overall sound quality.
  • Minor bug fixes.

I might have to try this out, but if you have please let me know.

Sound Squares at the app store:
Sound Squares


  1. Okay.. i like it because i like tapping on guitar.. you have 35 notes you choose and after trainings you can perform live smth

    maybe 2.99 is overpriced..because sound is very 8bit like) and there is no record'n'loop.. and knobs are hard to change values a bit

    chorus is funny

    so if you are chiptune virtuoso u can try it;

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