Mixtikl ‘Tweet My Mix’ Competition

Don’t forget to enter the ‘Tweet My Mix’ competition with Intermorphic.

To enter the Mixtikl 2 competition all you have to do is use Mixtikl 2 to publish a mix to twitter. At the end of the week the makers of the best 4 mixes (as judged by me) will win a copy of Mixtikl desktop for just $1! (regular price $29), and the overall winner will also receive a copy of Noatikl for $1 (regular price $109!).

To enter the competition you’ll need to be able to publish a mix, and to do that you’ll need a working version of Mixtikl of course. You can download the desktop version which will run for 30 days, or you could get yourself a copy of Mixtikl iPhone which is discounted today to just £1.19 / $1.99.

The competition finishes on Sunday 16th May 10:30 AM GMT so get tweeting those mixes! You can tweet as many mixes as you want and I’ll be checking them all!

If you need to know how to tweet your mix from Mixtikl, then just Select Mixtikl Menu > Export Mix > Export Mix Tikl for Tweet/SMS and then paste this into your tweet. Done! There’s also a FAQ at the Intermorphic site here.

Happy Mixing, Happy Tweeting!

Mixtikl 2 at the app store:
Mixtikl 2


Argon 1.2.0 Sound Tutorial – Drum Sounds

I’ve found this one especially useful.

Argon at the app store:
ARGON - The Monophonic Virtual Analog Synthesizer -


The Mobile Music Alphabet: K is for …

K is for Kepler’s Orrery

It is only fair to say that this is a really unusual app and not just because it begins with K. If you’ve never tried it out, then take a look at the free versions too.
Kepler's Orrery

K is for KeffMeff

A new app for Android from Johan Larsby.

KeffMeff is a touchpad synthesizer. There are five different sounds, choosable by pressing menu. The sounds are crazy noisy noises. Control them by moving your finger around.

K is for Kaossilator

You could hardly have K without the Kaossilator could you. I’ve avoided the Kaossilator Pro as that’s probably not nearly so handheld as the original.

They’re still great devices and very versatile in my opinion.

Kaossilators at eBay

Today’s post was brought to you by the letter K.


Xewton Promo Code Give Away!

Yet another promo code give away. Today’s give away is for Xewton Music Studio. I have 10 codes available. To enter the competition just answer this question:

“Name one of the instruments available for in app purchase within Xewton Music Studio”

Please send your answer to palmsounds.comp@me.com. The competition closes at 5pm GMT tomorrow 12th May.

Please remember that promo codes can only be used in the US version of the iTunes store.

Xewton Music Studio at the app store:
Music Studio


iSequence for iPad video


AudioForge update

Audioforge gets a minor update for bugfixing. I know that a few people have had issues with this app so hopefully this will help.

Audioforge at the app store:


Jasuto Classic update

Jasuto classic gets an update:


With this version you won’t be able to load scenes created with versions prior to 1.2.0. I’m working on a converter that will be included with the next update, for now, know that your scenes are safely backed up in a file (‘Backup.zip’) on your device.


1) Fixed a pretty major processing bug, certain configurations of nodes would cause out of sync delays, seqs, triggers, and even cause unwanted phasing artifacts. Completely fixed!

2) A FTP port setting is now in the settings app.

3) The VU meter is now accurate.

4) Updated the Seq graphics to include numbers on the beats and brightened the whole note markers.

5) CPU overload detection, if the scene is too hefty to run on your device it will shut itself down. Hit play to start the scene again, or just load a different one.

6) Delays now default to 3 beats.

7) You can now preview samples just by tapping on them in the browser!

8) Fixed the community browser selection bug, and changed the way the auto-loading works.

9) Tap to tempo is now much more accurate and syncs faster.

10) FIxed a ton of load/save bugs, hopefully that was all of them :S

11) Recording/Resampling is now enabled.

Jasuto is available at the app store:
Jasuto modular synthesizer

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