The Mobile Music Alphabet: I is for …

Let’s face it, lots of things begin with the letter ‘i’ in the iPhone world, so if I miss something out I hope you’ll forgive me!

I is for iHolophone

Although a very new addition to the music making world iHolophone has already made a significant mark. I’ve really enjoyed playing with this little app, especially the great sequencer. If you haven’t tried it there’s a lite version too.

I is for InstantBeat

InstantBeat is a great little drum machine app from the makers of the great Toro Mini app.
Instant Beat

I is for iSequence

Another great app. iSequence is a great sequence and now has an iPad version too. Always great to see apps getting good solid updates and iSequence just got a host of new features in the last update.

I is for iShred

A superb guitar app from Frontier Design Group. I love using this app and have done since I first got it. If you haven’t tried it out then you owe it to yourself to take a look now.
iShred: Guitar + Effects

I is for iSyn

iSyn had such a promising start, but just hasn’t had the updates that other apps have had and hasn’t kept pace. It is a good 2 synth / 1 drum machine app but now there are a lot of apps that go way beyond it. I was hoping that there might be an iPad version, but nothing has turned up so far.

I is for ittyMIDI Drummer

I did have a demo version of this on my old Clie ages ago, but I haven’t used it in a long while now. I just like to get a palm OS app in to the alphabet wherever possible.

I is for iPod (Touch) / iPhone and iPad

No ‘I’ section would be complete without the iPod Touch and iPhone, and of course the iPad now. These devices have changed the mobile music making landscape beyond all recognition in the last 2 years and I hope will continue to do so.

New Apple iPod touch 64GB Latest Version (Launched Sept 2009)

I’m sure that there are probably loads more ‘i’ related products out there, and if you think that there’s any really significant ones then please comment them in.


  1. 1) what is better than iSyn in your opinion?

    2) what do you think what for iHolophone is?

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