Jobs on iPad international pricing

I get the argument, and it sort of makes sense, but I still don’t like it! Via MacRumors.


  1. “Please educate yourselves”


    Reading some of the responses is hilarious too.

    Anyway, point is, it is APPLE who sets the selling price, NOT the government through its tax regime. Having a global net price (selling price before tax) would be pretty darned unusual to say the least!

    It is this fact that allowed people to exploit differences in taxation throughout the EU to buy cars cheaply in the UK. The net price in other EU countries was lower due to the higher tax because the manufacturers wanted a more uniform gross price. So UK owners paid the net price, then paid 15% VAT to the government and saved thousands of pounds.

    So unless Apple is selling iPads at COST price in the US (i.e. making no profit) then Steve's argument is frankly bollocks.

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