Jasuto Pro update

Jasuto Pro has been updated. Here’s what’s new:

1) OSC over wifi, currently only incoming data is supported. You can set the port in the settings app, otherwise it defaults to 9000. Ad-hoc connections work best, although it will work through a router as well.

2) A FTP port setting is now in the settings app.

3) Fixed a pretty major processing bug, certain configurations of nodes would cause out of sync delays, seqs, triggers, and even cause unwanted phasing artifacts. Completely fixed!

4) The VU meter is now accurate.

5) Updated the Seq graphics to include numbers on the beats and brightened the whole note markers.

6) Added a high quality mode to RVerb, you can adjust it in the reverb’s node editor. It requires about double the processing time so use it only when needed.

7) CPU overload detection, if the scene is too hefty to run on your device it will shut itself down. Hit play to start the scene again, or just load a different one.

8) Screen saver mode, you can enable it via System->Screen. Basically draws some cool realtime graphics controlled by the output of the current scene! Also bypasses all scene rendering, so it’s good for playing cpu intensive scenes.

9) Lorenz LFO, check out the scene named ‘lorenzJitter’ (in Instruments) to give you an idea what can be done with this. You can use it to add ‘natural’ noise to signals.

10) Delays now default to 3 beats.

11) You can now preview samples just by tapping on them in the browser!

12) Fixed the community browser selection bug, and changed the way the auto-loading works.

13) Tap to tempo is now much more accurate and syncs faster.

14) FIxed a ton of load/save bugs, hopefully that was all of them :S

Jasuto Pro at the app store:
Jasuto Pro modular synthesizer

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