SynthStation running on the iPad

This just can’t come soon enough as far as I’m concerned. Via Matrixsynth.


  1. This appears to decimate Beatmaker, assuming the iPad and iPhone version are identical.

    Here's what worries me…updates. Look at all the stalling and time it's taking to get this out, I'd hate for them to go the Intua route and take forever giving us updates or word of updates.

    By the way, I hope this is released with some kind of recording or sampling.

  2. Looks good but…

    Frankly can't belive that akai would make an app with no sampler. And 3 synths? What do u do with three synths? I'd be happy with 1 and a sampler!

  3. wow, the first decent look at the app itsself. Not much to see on the sequencing side, but so far reminds me of a souped up DS-10

    just hurry up and release it! and the keyboard addon! 🙂

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