iRig video

Thanks to everyone who emailed me about this. iRig and AmpliTude from IK Multimedia looks very good. More details soon.


  1. Okay, this is top on my most wanted list. PLEASE have have recording and export feature. I hate seeing music apps come out with no recording features. It's like what's the point of even using it? But back on topic, I can't F'ing wait for this.


  2. Looks pretty good – I was hoping for someone to do something like iShred's FX but for audio input and this looks to fit the bill.

    Wonder if the hardware interface has impedance matching (ok, maybe the wrong term) to avoid humm, hiss and losing tone?

    As an aside, how did you get on with your PRS Guitarbud? It looks to be a basic adapter but I've never heard one.


  3. Someone told me that any input that goes through the mic inline in an iPhone/touch will have frequencies rolled off and levels attenuated. then there is the issue of impendence matching etc.

    The only true way to have a line in is to go through the doc where signals in are unaltered.

    Anyone else know about this?


  4. Email I received after asking about recording and informing them about pasteboards:

    “I am contacting you in regards to your email about our new IRig. We really appreciate your feedback and we are glad that you are excited about the IRig. The IRig is a very useful tool and even though we don’t have any recording features as of yet, I am sure that you will see those options and more in future updates. This is just the beginning, so stay tuned to IK Multimedia and keep sending us your feedback, because we are always happy to read our customers emails and try and meet all of their needs.”

    This is expected…I'm still very much looking forward to this.


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