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G Give away is Gliss

Today I have 17 codes for the great app Gliss. In order to enter the competition just need to answer this question:

“Where was the last Music Hack Day held?”

Please send your answer to palmsounds.comp@me.com. The competition closes at 11pm GMT tomorrow 8th May.

Please remember that promo codes can only be used in the US version of the iTunes store.

Gliss at the app store:

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F give aways! Flourish and FourTrack now CLOSED

The promo code give aways for Flourish and FourTrack are now closed. Please don’t send any more emails in. There will be another promo code give away running very soon.

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The Mobile Music Alphabet: G is for …

G is for Gliss

One of the great things about the iPhone is that it has brought so many new interfaces and interesting ways of making music. Gliss is a great example of a very different way of making music and manipulating sound.

G is for Groovemaker

Groovemaker apps for the iPhone and now the iPad have opened up mobile music making. Groovemaker have brought a good selection of genres to their loop apps and of course their new iRig looks great, but enough of that as it doesn’t start with G!

One of the great things about Groovemaker is that it is so immediate. You can be making music straight away, which is exactly what you want with a mobile app.
IK Multimedia

G is for Griff

I still have Griff, and even though it is one of the oldest mobile music apps it is still amazing. Griff is a mobile studio with multiple instrument and FX plug ins. Griff runs of PocketPC / Windows Mobile and is still an excellent piece of software today.

I think that if something like Griff came out for the iPhone now it’d be an absolute killer.

G is for GlitchDS

G wouldn’t be complete without GlitchDs, a great homebrew app for the DS. If you didn’t know, glitchDS is a free homebrew Cellular Automaton music sequencer for the Nintendo DS. It’s perfect for creating IDM and Glitch style loops.

G is for Groovestep

GrooveStep Digital Music Studio is a full featured music making application for the Nintendo DS. GrooveStep features an easy to use step sequencer for pattern based music making. You can make beats, melodies and full songs with GrooveStep.

G is for GuitarBud

I’ve only had one of these for a little while and I didn’t buy it to use with a guitar (more of that another day). I’ve found it very good so far and nicely built too.

GuitarBud cables at eBay

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£429 for a 16gb iPad!

Yep, Apple were right, that price is UNBELIEVABLE. Info from BBC.

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Bliptronic on eBay

I’ve only seen these go at ridiculous prices in the UK before this one, so I thought it was worth posting.

Bliptronic on eBay

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Korg-Monotron 440hzTone Generator

Via Matrixsynth.

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iSequence for the iPad arrives

iSequence arrives for the iPad! Here’s what it says at the iTunes store:

iSequence is one of the most powerful music creation studio designed exclusively for iPad.

Thanks to intuitive 8-track sequencer, tons of instruments, a flexible mixer with DSP effects you can easily program and record profesional loops, beats and melodies. Now you control every aspect of your music project.

The iPad edition has been rewritten and redefined to take advantage of a bigger screen and better performance.

The regular price is $14.99. A special introductory price of $6.99 is being offered until May 30, 2010.


The workflow is extremely fluid, you can now record tracks and control movement in real-time, edit them using step sequencer and automation editor, switch between instruments, tracks and views without stopping playback. You can compose, jam and mix at the same time!


  • Use one of 160 built-in instruments: a collection of acoustic instruments, drum kits, pads, leads, sweeps and ambient atmospheres recorded with top classic and modern hardware synthesizers.
  • Buy additional banks in the BankShop
  • Play using adjustable piano keyboard or large drum pads


  • Record as you play the notes. Change instruments and tracks without stopping playback
  • Use metronome and “slow down” mode if you are not a piano virtuoso
  • Record parameter changes as you move controls


  • 8 tracks and FX curves editor. Instruments are not bound to tracks, so you can play chords or use multiple instruments on a single track
  • Edit music events using piano keyboard, drum pads and other controls
  • Set note duration, panning, velocity and gliss
  • Copy/paste, move and transpose selected area or patterns
  • Arrange pattern sequences to create a complete song


  • Adjust tempo, master volume and beat shuffle
  • Set level / mute or solo mode for each of the 8 tracks
  • Route tracks to one of 2 effect channels, each containing 3d delay and filter section


  • Export your work as HSQ, MIDI or WAV
  • Copy your tracks to the audio clipboard
  • Import HSQ songs

It’s just the beginning!

iSequence on the app store:

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Aphonium for iPhone / Touch / iPad still 50% off

Aphonium price is still at $1.99!

Aphonium at the app store:

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WWDC 2010 Sold out!

WWDC sold out in 8 days! Amazing. Via MacRumors.

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How to get a US iTunes account

I know that this is a real pain for a lot of people outside the US so I thought I’d post a link to this explanation of how to get a US account.

Details here.