The Mobile Music Alphabet: F is for …

F is for FingerBeat

Fingerbeat is a great app. I think we’re still waiting on Fingerbeat 1.2 and it would be good to see some export ability, but then I always say that!

F is for FIRe

FIRe is a superb field recording app with SoundCloud built in too. I’ve used this so many times to capture sounds and noises when I’m out and about, and the quality is excellent.
FiRe - Field Recorder

F is for Flourish

What a great name for a musical application. A beautiful, and I think, innovative interface have kept me coming back to this application. Fun to play with everytime.

F is for FourTrack

When FourTrack brought integration with DopplerPad and other apps it was a big leap forward for mobile music. Sonoma have showed that they can bring some really innovative applications to the iPhone platform, and continue to build on that. Here’s to bigger and better things with FourTrack (especially with the next generation iPhone).
Sonoma Wire Works
I hope you enjoyed today’s installment of the mobile music alphabet. Today’s post was brought to you by the letter F.

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