DXi FM Synth

A new and fairly cheaply priced synth turns up on the app store. Here’s the description of DXi FM Synth:

DXi is a FM synthesizer application inspired by 80’s most popular FM synthesizer. Enjoy making music and creating sound by FM synthesis engine easily.

There was not the reality of the latest PCM synthesizer, but the characteristic tone was loved all over the world. It is not equipped with all functions of the then FM synthesizer, but selects carefully in a parameter to be able to taste fun made with a sound.
The making of sound of the FM method is distinctive a little, but it is got a unique tone. It will be interesting to make sound effects.

And the app is equipped with 16 steps loop sequencer. When I want to let you play a fast phrase.

Please enjoy reproduce FM tones while remembering those days.
If you touching the FM synthesizer for the first time please challenge the mysterious world!

* 4 operators FM synthesizer
* 8 algorithms
* Every operator can set an envelope, frequency (Ratio or Fixed).
* Only operator number 4 can set feedback.
* The created tones can import / export by URL schema string.

DXi FM Synth at the app store:
DXi FM synthesizer

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