The Mobile Music Alphabet: E is for …

E is for Ellatron

If anything I don’t play with Ellatron enough. Lovely rich sound and a well thought through interface make it very playable indeed. I’ve always liked the app since it first arrived and every time I play with it I enjoy it a lot. I’ve never tried to use it live though, maybe that’s what I’ll try next.

If you haven’t as yet, then check it out at the app store:

E is for Euno

You may be wondering why I’ve included Euno. Which would be a good question. I’ve always felt that Euno was an app that hadn’t reached full potential. Sound was good, but the interface was a hinderance more than anything. It got in the way of using the app, and left me frustrated.

It’d be nice to see an update to this one, but I’m not sure that’ll happen.

Euno at the app store:

E is for Everyday Looper

Everyday Looper is a great app as demonstrated by videos like this and many more. A good simple interface and ease of use make Everyday Looper a great app.

Everyday Looper at the app store:
Everyday Looper

E is for EarTrain

EarTrain is not for making music but is educational music software for the Palm OS. Before the iPhone came along Palm was a great platform for mobile music and apps like this were few and far between.

E is for Electroplankton

Without doubt Electroplankton has been a big influence over the mobile music world. Neither a game nor any kind of production software, I love how Electroplankton just makes you enjoy what you’re doing and that’s it.

If you don’t have one, then get one! They go fairly cheap on eBay.

Electroplankton at eBay

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s installment in the mobile music alphabet. Today’s post was brought to you by the letter E

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