PocketSync for iPhone

The description for this app is as follows:

PocketSync is a real-time SMPTE Longitudinal Time Code generator for IPhone/IPod/IPad with drop frame/non-drop frame output. It supports 24/25/29.97/30 SMPTE frame rate and selectable 44100/48000 sample rate output.
I’m not entirely sure what it does and for £11.99/$19.99 I’d want to know a lot more about this. Anyone know what this really does?

PocketSync at the app store


  1. It's a tool for video and video editing. It generates a SMPTE tone at different framerates (film, PAL, and NTSC).

  2. It generates an audio signal with timecode encoded in it (a 'clock' counting hrs: mins;secs; frames).

    This signal could be split and used to feed many devices that need to be synchronized to a common time base. For instance an audio playback system, a video playback system and a lighting rig which runs a theatrical show or some kind of exhibit. I don't know you'd trust an iphone to this task tho'!

    It's called “Linear” timecode 'cos many video tape machines and cameras used to use an audio track to record the LTC signal for use by dubbing and editing equipment.

    In the days of Multitrack tape recorders we used to stripe one tape track with LTC so we could syncronise a MIDI sequencer too.

    Pretty cool … but limited in use on an iPhone IMO!
    Although an LTC Generator costs thousands back in the day!


  3. Seems to me this might be a good tool for controlling music playback or maybe motion control systems while filming.

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