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DopplerPad promo give away

To mark the letter D I’ve got 4 promo codes to give away for this great app. To enter the competition just answer this question:

“Name the app by retronyms that let’s you type out phrases for your iPhone to speak out”

If you need a clue, click the button below.

The rules are the same as before. Emails MUST be sent to palmsounds.comp@me.com and must arrive before 8pm GMT tomorrow evening 5th of May.

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The Mobile Music Alphabet: D is for …

D is also a very important letter in the mobile music alphabet. So let’s start.

D is for DopplerPad

DopplerPad is a great synth / sequencer / sampler and all round music production app. I often start pieces with something in DopplerPad and then work out from there. When Retronyms added the synth and effects parts of the app it became even more useful. I’m really looking forward to seeing what Retronyms do for DopplerPad on the iPad, whatever it is I’m sure it’ll be great.

DopplerPad at the app store:

D is for DrumTrack8

When DrumTrack8 added paste ability it became a really useful tool in my mobile music making set up. I really like how tweakable it is and how it keeps on getting updates.

DrumTrack8 at the app store:

D is for Drum Kit Ace

This is a Windows Mobile app, and there aren’t too many around these days. Drum Kit Ace is a game and a drum machine too, but as far as I know it hasn’t been updated in a long time. Shame really.

D is for D-Pod

I know that this is shameless self promotion! D-Pod is a little drum app that I made ages ago using ViziBasic and iziBasic on my Treo 650. Fun, but not entirely useful.

D is for DS-10 / DS-10+

The DS-10 and the + version too are hugely important for mobile music. Getting a music production application into a mainstream handset like the Nintendo DS was a big step forward. It is a shame that the + isn’t coming to Europe, but I’ll content myself with the original.

DS-10’s at eBay

D is for DP-004/008

Sometimes hardware is what you need. I’ve wanted a Tascam DP-008 ever since I first saw one, and they are reasonably priced, but the money always goes somewhere else!

Tascam DP-008 8 Track Digital PocketStudio

Today’s post was brought to you by the letter D

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Argon Synth promo code give away CLOSED

Thanks to everyone who emailed in. The competition is now closed and promo code winners will be emailed very soon.
Argon at the app store:
ARGON - The Monophonic Virtual Analog Synthesizer -
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Electrify for iPad update

Electrify gets an update. You can now delete projects and performance has been improved especially when using reverb.

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Bleep!Box on the iPad getting pretty

The iPad version of Bleep!Box is getting a bit of a UI overhaul. Looks good. More photos and details here.

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RiotFX update

RiotFX has had an update with improved latency on older devices and added chorus.

RiotFX at the app store:
RiotFX - Guitar Multi Effects

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PocketSync for iPhone

The description for this app is as follows:

PocketSync is a real-time SMPTE Longitudinal Time Code generator for IPhone/IPod/IPad with drop frame/non-drop frame output. It supports 24/25/29.97/30 SMPTE frame rate and selectable 44100/48000 sample rate output.
I’m not entirely sure what it does and for £11.99/$19.99 I’d want to know a lot more about this. Anyone know what this really does?

PocketSync at the app store

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AudioView with AudioX

Audioview now supports AudioX sync in order to sync with other iPhones, iPods or iPads without need to use a computer. Direct audio sharing between iDevices on the same wifi network. Reforge on iPad also supports AudioX.

AudioView at the app store:

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Next Dirty Electronics Ensemble gig this Thursday in London

Details here.

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Receiving Radio on the E.S.G.I.

I do hope that Chris does make these things commercially available, they look like a lot of fun.