The Mobile Music Alphabet: B is for …

B is a big day for mobile music, because Bhajis begins with B! So today we’ll start with Palm Apps.

Bhajis is one of the all time great mobile music apps. It is still incredibly versatile and useful, and I know many of you still use it regularly as do I. Bhajis was made by Olivier, the creator of the Shruti-1. I’ve you’ve never seen Bhajis Loops then you should check it out here. It is a good reason to get an old Palm PDA. If you do want to try out Bhajis then get yourself a Tungsten T3, as they’re the best PDA to run Bhajis on.

B is for BeatPad …

BeatPad is one of the first Palm applications I ever used. At the time it was a complete revelation. BeatPad is over 9 years old now and is still a good Palm music app worth trying out if you’ve got a Palm PDA.

B is for BeatMaker …

BeatMaker is a fantastic app for music production on the iPhone. I think it is great so many apps are now compatible with Beatmaker so that it has become a real centre for musical workflow.

I hope that Intua can bring some new features to BeatMaker soon, there hasn’t been a big update in a long time, and I’d like to think that they might do something really innovative for the iPad.

BeatMaker at the app store:

B is for Bleep!Box and Bleep!Synth

Bleep!Synth is still on sale so don’t miss it. These two apps are superb. I remember when Bleep!Box came out and everyone raved about how tweakable it was. Since it first appeared last summer it has gone from strength to strength and now is a universal binary for the iPad too.


B is BassLine

I like BassLiine. It is a simple and straightforward sequencer with great control over sound. And with export options now it is a great addition to your iPhone musical toolkit.

B is also for Bebot

I played with Bebot just the other day. What a superb performance app. I am going to use it live at some point for sure.
Bebot - Robot Synth

and finally B is for Blue Mikey

I’ve only heard good reports of the Blue and was on the verge of getting one the other day. The only thing stopping me is the new version coming soon and also the thought of what USB audio interfaces will work with the iPad. Even so, a really good mic.

This post was brought to you by the letter B

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