Palm Sounds is turning 4 in May

May is a big month for Palm Sounds, because in May Palm Sounds is 4 years old! Personally I find it hard to believe that the blog has been going that long. Back in May 2006 I started this blog with no idea of how things would change and develop in the mobile music world. It is amazing to see how hardware and software have enabled mobile creativity in ways I couldn’t have guessed at in 2006.

Palm Sounds actual birthday is toward the end of May, but when I was thinking about what to do to celebrate I thought it would be good to celebrate for the whole month of May rather than just one day. I thought that it would be a lot more fun this way.

So to celebrate I’ve got a few things lined up. Here’s some of what’s coming this month:

  • Promo code give away competitions – I have some codes for really great apps to give away in May starting later on today (normal promo code rules apply)
  • Competitions – I’ve got a competition lined up for later in the month and possibly another one too
  • App Directory update – I’ll be updating the app directory this month and working on the iPad version too
  • The Alphabet of Mobile Music – I’m going to take a letter each day and explore the whole alphabet of mobile music, starting later today
There are a few other things in the pipeline as well but I won’t mention them until they’re finalised.
So keep checking the blog for what’s going on and spread the word. Palm Sounds is 4 in May!


  1. Congratulations! Palm Sounds is one of only a handful of websites I visit multiple times during the day. You've been an invaluable resource and I wish you many more happy and productive years ahead!

  2. Happy 4th birthday. Maybe by the time you're 5 the ipad will be out in the uk…

    I was going to say the Synthstation 25 would be out, but that's probably too optimistic!

  3. Thanks for building such a great resource. Mobile music is greatly indebted to Palm Sounds.


  4. Happy birthday palm sounds, best blog ever imho. Been a pleasure to read Palm Sounds and thank you for supporting/posting about my stuff over the years.

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