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The Mobile Music Alphabet: A is for …

Welcome the the mobile music alphabet, and more importantly, welcome to the letter A. For most of May I’ll be running through the alphabet covering a variety of software, hardware and other stuff relating to mobile music. When I came up with this idea I was really pleased with myself. Then I remembered the letters Q and Y, which make life hard for the mobile music alphabet, but more of that in a few days time. For now, on with A.

A is for Argon on the iPhone

Argon is a great monosynth for the iPhone. A lovely app with some great features like the sequencer and loop recorder. It really is a great little monosynth which I constantly find myself going back to again and again. And now that it has copy to beatmaker built in it has become central to my mobile workflow. This app has had good steady updates from the developer and I hope that they continue with it. If you don’t know Argon then check it out here.
ARGON - The Monophonic Virtual Analog Synthesizer -

A is for AudioForge on the iPhone

A real newcomer to the iPhone, AudioForge is an editor with a lot of features. I’ve only just started to get to grips with this app but it has been good to use so far.

A is for Aurora on Windows Mobile

Aurora from 4Pockets is a superb matrix sequencer app with excellent sounds and some great synth options. It was a realy surprise when 4Pockets brought this out, and an even bigger surprise when they recently announced that they were porting it to the iPhone and iPad. I really should spend a bit more time with this on WinMo, but confess that I’m really looking forward to it on the iPhone!

A is for AxisPad on Palm OS

I still use AxisPad on my T3, and I still think that it is a really innovative app for an X-Y pad. If you’ve got a Palm lying around then try out the demo here.

A is for Android

I have high hopes that Android will bring good things to mobile music in time. There are a few apps out there already, but perhaps over time more developers will see Android as an attractive target for mobile music.

A is for Archos

The Archos 5 looks like a really good tablet for running Android though still a little pricey perhaps. Having said that, Palm PDAs used to be priced around the same point, so perhaps the Archos is a pretty good deal after all.

Archos 5 160GB Internet Tablet Android

I’m sure that there will be a few other ‘A’s’ I’ve missed. If you think there are then please comment them in.

This post was brought to you by the letter A.

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Jasuto Promo Code Competition

To start off the celebrations for Palm Sounds turning 4 years old this month I’ve got 5 codes for Jasuto Classic and 5 for Jasuto Pro to give away thanks to Chris the developer of this amazing app!

To enter the competition answer this question “f you could add just one feature to Jasuto, what would it be?”.

Email your answer to palmsounds.comp@me.com. PLEASE state in the title of your email if you want Classic or Pro versions.

The promo code competition will run for 24 hours starting today at 4pm GMT and ending tomorrow at 4pm GMT.

Please remember that the promo codes only work in the US version of the app store.

If you don’t know Jasuto, check out both versions at the app store:
Chris Wolfe

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SKTCH for iPhone arrives

I’ve been waiting for this for a while, it looks great and I can’t wait to try it out. Here’s the detail:

SKTCH is a generative drawing application for the iPhone / iPod Touch and soon to be released for iPad. Instead of adopting traditional “brush” based drawing, SKTCH is about presets, created by a number of digital artists around the globe. Whether you decide to sketch circles, meshes, networks or use any of the 14 presets available, be inspired by the endless possibilities of generative sketches and compositions you are able to make using SKTCH. Combine these with images taken by your camera or layer for more complex compositions. Modify parameters in realtime, combine presets and see amazing compositions come to life.

# 14 unique generative presets to draw both simple and complex sketches (+ we are working on more for future releases)
# Innovative user interface that changes colour as you change the colour of objects.
# Colour variants and a number of other parameters you can modify.
# Compose your sketches with photographs or images from your photo library and see them blend as backgrounds.
# Your settings and colour settings are always saved.
# Desktop version of the application coming soon..

Tips and Tricks:
# Each preset works in a unique way. Explore each one seeing how settings change them. Don’t forget to try multitouch, works great on presets like Network, Jocabola or Kibbits.
# Use random button to generate variations on your current sketch.
# Mix and match different presets together, see them change in realtime as you modify the parameters.
# Take photos and make them background for your sketches.
# Try layering compositions by capturing screen of your current sketch and importing it as a background from your photo library.

For more tips and examples see http://sktchapp.com

Thanks to Kim Asendorf [KA], Andreas Müller [AM], Eduard Prats Molner [EPM], Philip Whitfield (underdoeg) [PW], Martin Fuchs (deffekt) [MF] and Mike Tucker [MT] for their generous contributions, Zach Gage for his help and patience and many thanks to you for downloading SKTCH.

Created and Published by CreativeApplications.Net
Inspired by Harmony project by Ricardo Cabello aka Mr.doob (http://mrdoob.com/projects/harmony)

Made with openFrameworks, an open source C++ toolkit.

SKTCH at the app store:

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O-GAWA free for the weekend

Yudo’s O-Gawa app is free for the weekend! Get it while you can.

O-GAWA at the app store:
Yudo Inc.
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Palm Sounds is turning 4 in May

May is a big month for Palm Sounds, because in May Palm Sounds is 4 years old! Personally I find it hard to believe that the blog has been going that long. Back in May 2006 I started this blog with no idea of how things would change and develop in the mobile music world. It is amazing to see how hardware and software have enabled mobile creativity in ways I couldn’t have guessed at in 2006.

Palm Sounds actual birthday is toward the end of May, but when I was thinking about what to do to celebrate I thought it would be good to celebrate for the whole month of May rather than just one day. I thought that it would be a lot more fun this way.

So to celebrate I’ve got a few things lined up. Here’s some of what’s coming this month:

  • Promo code give away competitions – I have some codes for really great apps to give away in May starting later on today (normal promo code rules apply)
  • Competitions – I’ve got a competition lined up for later in the month and possibly another one too
  • App Directory update – I’ll be updating the app directory this month and working on the iPad version too
  • The Alphabet of Mobile Music – I’m going to take a letter each day and explore the whole alphabet of mobile music, starting later today
There are a few other things in the pipeline as well but I won’t mention them until they’re finalised.
So keep checking the blog for what’s going on and spread the word. Palm Sounds is 4 in May!
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OT: Great T-Shirts

I had to post this collection of t-shirts from Make, the ones above are excellent.

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A different view

Thanks to Gregor for this link to a really interesting post on why Apple is putting all it’s innovation energy into mobile and very little into the desktop and why HP paid over a billion dollars for Palm. Really worth a read.

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RJDJ on how to promote your scenes

A useful post from RJDJ on how to promote your scenes.

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Squiggle (via CreativeApplications)

This is a nice concept for a musical interface. Check out the video over at Creative Applications.

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Monotron Pro?

I watched this on Matrixsynth. Does anyone know if this is for real?