Noise Machine gets yet another update. Here’s the detail:

Global volume multiplier control added

Global Pitch multiplier control added

Cleaner audio
> random partial beats removed
> Audio pops when saving/loading/resetting removed

Beat tempo controls now have a ‘synch’ button: in 1.1 the different beats could get out of synch as each note as it’s own beat counter, this keeps them all using a global beat counter. An option since out of synch beats can be quite interesting.

Dragging a note doesn’t stop the notes beats.

Reset now resets the local beat tempo multiplier

Reset now resets the global beat tempo

Shake now randomises beats for the active notes

Save and Load UI reduced to make way for more UI – you now pick the save/load slot first, then pick the operation (save or load). Saved patterns are unaffected.

Slider marks would load slightly offset from expected positions.

A Noise Machine at the app store:
A Noise Machine


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