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NYC Fingerpainters Convention

If you’re an iPod / iPad / iPhone artist in NYC then check this out.

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Things of beauty

What a great collection of sound making objects. This is Chris Carter’s improv set up. Fantastic. Gives me some ideas.

Via Flickr.

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Zooz gets $150,000 research grant!

Wow, I wonder what they’re going to do with that? The post at their blog says that the grant “will support the development of an innovative music intelligence engine for a new line of ZOOZ music creativity apps”. Sounds really interesting. So well done to Zooz and we look forward to seeing what they come up with. Read more at their blog.

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Bent Festival 2010 photos at GetLoFi

More here.

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New RJDJ Podcast

There’s a new RJDJ podcast available and you can now get it via iTunes too.

RJDJ Podcast on iTunes
Reality Jockey Ltd. - RjDj News - RjDj News

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Where will the desktop go?

I think it is only fair to say that mobile music is now getting to real mainstream status. Without a doubt the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad have made this a reality, and long may it continue.

But that made me start to wonder about some of the things that Apple said at their last big announcement. They said something like they were now a “mobile devices company”. So what does that mean?

Sure they have changed the mobile phone world in a big way and I’ve no doubt that they’ll continue to innovate in that space, even bringing out features and functionality that other devices have had for years and calling it innovation by doing it differently and in a more user centric way.

I’m sure that we’ll see further innovation in the iPad device category, as it has already seen a flurry of innovative audio and music apps arrive in just a few weeks.

So where does that leave the desktop? You may or may not agree that Apple’s desktops and laptops haven’t seen a huge amount of innovation in the last year or two, but I don’t think that they’ve managed to sustain the innovation in their hardware or OS.

When they introduced the iPad it was brought to us as a middle ground between the phone / handheld and the desktop / laptop, but for some time there hasn’t been the same level of theatre around any enhancement to this part of Apple’s inventory. In fact even processor upgrades are launched without a media event at all now.

So what will they do to become a “mobile devices company” and make that a reality? Will we see some form of multi-touch come to OSX? That sounds just too simple and straightforward and doesn’t make that much sense with the current form of laptop and desktop. Where will they go with the MacBook and MacBook Pro?

In my opinion these are areas that need some real innovation from Apple to take OSX and the accompanying hardware somewhere truly new. I have no idea what kind of innovation that might be or what it will look like, but I’d like to think that Apple won’t take their eye off the ball to the extent of letting OSX drag behind the rest of their business.

Ideally I’d like to see some real innovation to bring devices and platforms together to make real sense of having three devices (iPhone / iPad / desktop), not just a back up and sync via iTunes.

As ever I’m more than interested in your views of where things might go and how you think the “mobile devices company” should innovate.

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Amps and Cabs update

This app gets an update:

Version 0.2 REAMPED

For the first update to Amps & Cabs, we wanted to make the sounds you can make even bigger. We opened up all the amplifiers and speaker cabinets and tweaked the tones. In Amps & Cabs v0.2 REAMPED you’ll notice a huge improvement in sound quality, volume, response, and equalization. This just got huge!

– Improved amplifier volume and gain levels
– Tweaked EQ knob controls
– Improved speaker cabinet tones
– Increased master volume
– Eliminated output clipping
– Optimized device specific output
– Lengthened slider display time
– Touched up Wilton and One-Der cabs
– Added tag line and version information to the splash screen

Amps & Cabs at the app store:
Amps & Cabs

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Akai Synthstation 25 update (or lack of one)

Since my last post on this there has been an overwhelming silence from Akai. Their site still doesn’t say when the hardware or software will be available, and yet Amazon.com says that it is available for pre-order from the 1st of May and amazon.co.uk doesn’t have it listed at all!

I’ve just checked Dolphinmusic again, and they have the keyboard on for sale as at the 1st of May, so who knows when we will see this device and app!

If anyone does pre-order please let me know how you get on.

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Storyboard composer update imminent

I got a tweet from Cinemek to say that the QT update (export to video) should be out any day now. I can’t wait! Also they have an iPad version in the pipeline too.

Storyboard Composer at the app store:

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ASMO on the E.S.G.I

Interesting post on the E.S.G.I. and the performance later this week via ASMO.