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News from Amidio on their current priorities:

OMGuitar is temporarily suspended. We’re now focusing on XT and Touch DJ Pro. XT should be ready in 2-3 months.

This is what their site says about XT:

  • Our best-selling synth Pro will be taken to the next level.
  • Polyphonic, super-powerful, extremely easy to program and play.
  • The first Amidio app to incorporate the flowXT interface concept.
  • Possible import of original Pro presets.
  • Estimated platforms: iPhone, iPad
  • Estimated availability date: II Q 2010

Amidio at the app store:
Amidio Inc.


  1. I am not too impressed with Amidio at the moment.

    A lot of people bought their apps because of the ability to work together with Beatmaker. Apple killed their original solution, but there are now two different workable copy/paste-solutions that other apps are embracing (ThumbJam, NLog, Argon, iSequence, Monle …)

    Amidios first priority should be to update their apps to work with copy/paste again. Preferably either Intua's pasteboard or Sonomas AudioCopy/AudioPaste.

    I see that people are requesting this in Amidio's forums, but so far no official response from Amidio.

  2. I am also unimpressed, but not surprised. Would it kill Amidio to play nicely with everyone else? No.
    I recently deleted from my phone because I simply don't use it anymore. Copy/paste support would change all that. The announcement of the 'new' 'ioLibrary' was actually just really depressing. Very sad.

  3. I am disappointed too that amidio have not updated noise io. The only reason why i bought noise is because of the direct export to beatmaker. I dont even use the app anymore.

    I agree that copy/paste should be their first priority. I have no idea how the new ioLibrary is going to work but i really believe that they should just support the copy/paste functions by both intua and sonoma instead of trying to find new ways to integrate the apps. I hope amidio is listening.

  4. Amidio continually frustrate me now. Great apps, terrible handling. Look at the app posted below for a perfect model. Jasuto has had rapid updates supporting Sonoma and Intua now. Same story with Monle. A new app, speedily updated to support what people clearly want. Many others too. I hope Amidio are listening, because if the situation doesn't change soon, I'm joining the deleters.

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