Ground up audio’s hardware interface

From a tweet by Mancing Dolecules I found the Ground Up Audio site, and it looks they’re aiming to develop an audio interface for iPhone / Touch and iPad.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this one!


  1. I've been using their Amps & Cabs app. It's got a nice sound to it. Looking forward to their pedals app.

    So far I've tried connecting my guitar thru the Macally iVoice Pro, which sounds fine (a bit of tone loss and extra hiss), and then through my Boss Micro BR into the Macally, which sounds fantastic!

  2. slick interface and a great sound. once their harware is available i think this app will be ridiculously good.

    they just updated the app as well and they really made some noticeable differences in the tone quality. i think these guys are doing some pretty cool stuff.

    on a hardware note, guitarbud cable suffers some tone sucking like robman84 mentioned, and i can only hope the makers of this app will address this issue when they release their hardware.

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