BeatMaker Price Drop

Intua have just announced a price drop for the flagship (and only) product BeatMaker. The price is down to £5.99 / $9.99. I don’t recall them ever dropping the price before this.

BeatMaker at the app store:


  1. I don't think it really says anything about the app store. Their app was one of the highest priced music apps and came out before a lot of the other competition. $20 was fair considering what it can do, but $10 is a good, competitive price.

  2. They could've kept the price and just added an actual update, like putting in pad cancel and more EQ features. I'm not expecting something big like a piano roll but there are little things that would make a big difference. I thought the price was fair at 20 though.

  3. I haven't seen anything that's competitive with Beatmaker in the year and a half it's been on the market. Now they cut their price in half. That isn't a good indicator of the App Store being able to support higher value apps. We are talking about $20 not $200.

    App Store pricing has continued to erode significantly at all levels.

    The iPad may also be creating pressure in terms of the relative perceived value of iPhone app market.

  4. Consider this : Beatmaker doesn't follow the new requirements by Apple on how software should be coded (section 3.3.1). Its not made in pure Apple code, and it uses external libraries, which are now forbidden by Apple. We frankly have no idea what Apple will do to the software already in the stores that does not follow that rule. For what we know, they could decide to simply kill them all, including great apps like Beatmaker…

    I would understand the Beatmaker guys want to make a little more money before they get kicked out of the appstore.

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