More Noise!

The new version of Noise Machine has landed! Here’s what’s new:

New Feature – Beats.
Beats allows you to assign 16 on or off states per note which are continuously played through.
Beat tempo is controllable globally, as well as via a per-note multiplier (.5x, 1x, and 2x) for added flexibility. There is a small tempo indicator that travels beneath the beats strip to indicate global and local speed (with no note selected it indicates global, otherwise the local beat tempo of the selected note).

Note dots brighten/darken based on beat state so you get some extra visual feedback.

Other features:

Randomise Beats has been added (the ‘B’ button at the side)

Solo mode added (the ‘S’ button) – only plays the selected note so you can tweak beats etc.

Updated UI – slider indicators are now circles with dots.

A Noise Machine at the app store:
A Noise Machine

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