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Maker’s bill of rights

To be honest I just posted this because I thought it looked so cool. Via Make.

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Dell Mini 5 coming to T-Mobile USA?

Brighthand has this story on the Dell Mini 5 coming to T-Mobile. Every time I see the Mini 5 I wonder what I would use it for. My previous experience with Dell’s handhelds is very good. I still have my Axim and it works great after years of use, but what would I run on the mini 5? Android lags behind the iPhone OS in terms of music apps, so for now I think I’m in the ‘wait and see’ camp.

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SoundGrid Lite

SoundGrid lite is now available.

SoundGrid Lite

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A Passion for PDAs

I’m posting this again just in case anyone didn’t see it, and also because I really like it!

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New Michael Nervous track live

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Tinysizer – Handheld modular

No, it isn’t truly handheld, but amazing nonetheless. Via Matrixsynth.

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Shruti-1 and post Shruti-1 project updates

Some interesting updates from Olivier on what he’s working on.

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HHH: NAB ’10 – Vericorder 1st Video


NAB ’10 – Vericorder 1st Video from Hand Held Hollywood on Vimeo.

This looks amazing! HHH shows us a truly awesome video editing app coming to the iPhone.

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miniSynth Pro update

miniSynth Pro gets another update:

  • wires oscillator to active voices: can now change waveform, octave or semitones while sustaining a note
  • wires filter poles to active voices: can now change levels while sustaining a note
  • fixes issues with the filter envelope that caused “pattering” in certain configurations
  • better integration of the mono / poly operation

Yonac at the app store:

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MusicDraw for iPhone

I haven’t noticed this app before and wondered if anyone else had tried it? Look a bit like the same concept as Gliss.

MusicDraw at the app store: