Scratch banned from the app store?

Is this for real? Did I actually miss Scratch turning up on the app store and now Apple have banned it! I can’t believe that! Anyone know how I can get it somehow?

Story from Make.

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  1. That's the most interesting part of Apple new Section 3.3.1 rules, they won't let new software that doesn't follow the new rule in the AppStore, but they never said what they were going to do with all the non-compliant apps already in the store (like Beatmaker, yeah). They could totally delete all of them from the store if they wanted to, and if they really are going to enforce that new Section 3.3.1 rules, they will remove all non-compliant applications from the stores.

    And even without that new Section 3.3.1 rules, Apple says in their SDK EULA that they can just remove any apps, for any reasons, at any times, and they don't need to give out reasons on why they did it, put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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