Piezopop arrives

From the maker of Nanoloop comes Piezopop which sounds like a lot of fun for a Friday and only $0.99! Here’s the description:

Compose minimal tunes from simple beeps and send them via e-mail. Fine-control pitch and tempo for microtonal and microrhythmic experiments.


  • maximum song length 24 sec (512 notes)
  • single voice square wave, 1-bit sound
  • piano keys
  • sequencer vaguely resembles tracker interface
  • eight octaves
  • fine tune each note
  • tempo control per note, up to 8192 BPM
  • custom song title
  • persistent storage of current song
  • sequencer is cleared after export to e-mail
  • songs sent in standard WAV format, play on iPhone, iPod, PC and most mobile phones

Piezopop at the app store:

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  1. Get a m100 or another palm for a few euro, install the demo of BeatPad and you'll have a LOT more fun…

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