Some love for you old Palm OS PDAs is on the way

Alex, developer of the great Sunvox, Pixilang etc is making audio for old Palm OS a reality. His first sound check application should run on:

Palm IIIx
Palm IIIe
Palm V
Palm VII
Handspring Visor
Handspring Visor Deluxe
Handspring Visor Prism
Handspring Visor Platinum
Handspring Visor Edge
Handspring Visor Neo
Handspring Visor Pro
Handspring Treo 90
Handspring Treo 180
Handspring Treo 270
Handspring Treo 300
Palm IIIxe
Palm IIIc
Palm Vx
Palm VIIx
Palm m100
Palm m105
Palm m125
Palm m130
Palm m500
Palm m505
Palm m515
Palm i705
Sony Clie (not T series) with Motorola CPU.

There’s something to look forward to. Time to dust off the old PDA and put some new batteries in.


  1. Ha, good news for my m100 and m505… maybe treo650 too? Any hints about where to find more info about the application if not on the site?

  2. I'm also delighted he lowered the bar for system requirements on Sunvox on the iphone. I've been depressed all day because a recent update removed it from my phone and I didn't want to go to 3.1.3
    From now on I'm going to start checking the small print!

  3. fyi it is possible to fake os 3.1.2 to be 3.1.3 – manually change a plist

    but agreed good that sunvox can work with 3.0 πŸ™‚

  4. Thanks for the info on spoofing 3.1.3 Didn't realise you could do that. Hopefully I can get Mixtikl and a few other apps back too!

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