UK iPad back to May!

This has really spoilt my day! I’m annoyed now. I felt I had to share it. Another month and a half to wait for an iPad!


  1. And the way Apple are spinning it isn't good news for international pricing… “Unexpectedly strong demand” is cheeky code for “catastrophic shortfall in production”; the half-million units sold, which they claim caught them by surprise, are actually only half the number they intended to have available at launch. You can see why they might have thought it a bit of a hostage to go with the name iSlate.

  2. Maybe Apple needs more time to put together the media distribution deals, and essential part of this “product”. Remember this device is all about consumption.

    There's also cell carrier deals and regulation hurdles.

    Also, the longer Apple can wait, as long as there isn't direct competition, the more hype grows in each market. This is an essential part of Apple's launch strategy.

    There's absolutely no shortage in the U.S. Every Apple Store reports immediate availability of all models.

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