2 comments on “iPads going for silly money on eBay”

iPads going for silly money on eBay

I took a curious look on eBay to see how much iPads were going for. I was amazed to see these things going for almost £600 for a 16gb model. Surely no one is that desperate to get their hands on one in the UK?

iPads on eBay

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SKTCH coming to the iPhone

Looks like this will be a must for artists and their iPhones everywhere.

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Some eBay finds for today

A TuneStudio going for £75, which is a bit steep these days, amd also a QY100 starting out at £0.99 although I’m sure it will end up a bit higher than that.

QY100 at eBay

TuneStudio at eBay

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Almost perfect?

A good review of the Shruti-1.

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OT: Day in the Life – Kin

Peter’s right, this is funny, doesn’t make up for the fact that the iPads are late, but as engadget says, “At least it’s not Windows Mobile”. Go take a look here.

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UK iPad back to May!

This has really spoilt my day! I’m annoyed now. I felt I had to share it. Another month and a half to wait for an iPad!

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RJDJ will be at Amsterdam Music Hack Day

Dates for your diary are 24-25th April. More info from RJDJ here.

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ArtStudio iPad update

ArtStudio update (iPad). Here’s what’s new:

  • available canvas sizes: 768×1024, 768×768, 1024×1024
  • new undo/redo system, with almost infinite number of steps
  • 5 layers
  • additional “shake menu” with the most frequently used functions
  • improved design and interface
  • improved drawing quality
  • image info displayed in “load/save/…” screen

ArtStudio for the iPad

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Music 4.5 videos

If you’re interested in seeing what RJDJ were talking about at Music 4.5 then the videos are now available here.

3 comments on “Audio Interfaces for iPad”

Audio Interfaces for iPad

harmonicdog developer of the amazing MultiTrack tweets:

It is confirmed: iPad supports class-compliant usb audio interfaces, using the Camera Connection Kit.

Now that would be awesome.